Feature Comparison: Web Storefronts vs. Popup Storefronts

Last modified October 2, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

This article provides a comparison between the features and capabilities of Web Storefronts and those of Popup Storefronts. This information may help you in determining which solution best meets your needs.

Tutorial Video

Check out our tutorial video comparing Web Storefronts and Popup Storefronts:   How to Choose Between a Web Storefront and a Popup Storefront.
Category Web Storefronts Popup Storefronts
Hosting Hosted by FastSpring; you provide links from your website, email, etc. to the Web Storefront Lives on your own website and opens in a secure modal iframe; customers never leave your site
Feature Set Complete; all FastSpring Contextual functionality is supported Checkout only*
Does implementation require technical expertise? No, anyone who can use a web browser can configure a Web Storefront Yes, but minimal expertise is needed when using a Popup Storefront for checkout only*
Can I implement automatic redirects from the Completion Page? No Yes, if you use SBL.*
Are the cart contents persistent throughout the browser session? No, cart contents are not preserved when navigating to a different page or site Yes. There is no cart implementation by default, but it can be created using SBL*
Can customers remove items from the cart? Yes, depending on your implementation No, unless you create a cart using SBL*
Is customer data encrypted and transmitted securely? Yes Yes
Can license keys and download links be rendered on the Completion Page? Yes


*The optional Store Builder Library allows you to implement complete cart functionality on your own website, but requires you to have web development resources for implementation. For a live, working example of a cart created using Store Builder Library, please see http://furiousfalcon.com/popup/fullcart/.