Manual Renewal Subscriptions

Last modified October 3, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

You can allow customers the option to opt out of (or opt in to) automatic subscription renewals using the Auto/Manual subscription renewal field in your Storefront's settings. For customers who opt out (or fail to opt in), payment account details will not be stored for future use.


  • For Web Storefronts, this setting can be accessed via Storefronts -> Web Storefronts -> SETTINGS -> General Settings, in the Customer Information section.
  • For Popup Storefronts, this setting can be accessed via Storefronts - > Popup Storefronts -> SETTINGS -> Checkout, in the Customer Information section.


If you have customers who want to place subscription orders using purchase orders, wire transfers, or other delayed payment methods, manual renewal subscriptions will meet that need. Unlike subscriptions with automatic renewal, manual renewal subscriptions can be purchased using delayed payment methods.


Managed subscriptions, by definition, cannot be manual renewal subscriptions. When a managed subscription is selected / in the cart, the option to opt in or out of automatic renewals will not be displayed. Payment details will always be saved (via a secure payment token).

Customer Experience

When a non-managed subscription is selected / placed in the cart and the Auto / Manual subscription renewal field has been set to allow manual renewals, customers will be presented with a check box that they can either select to opt in to automatic renewals, or clear to opt out of automatic renewals, depending on how you have configured that field in your Storefront's SETTINGS. 

Example of the check box for opting out of automatic renewals

Customers who opt out of automatic renewals (or who fail to opt in, when so prompted) will not be billed automatically. In that case, customers' payment details will not be stored by FastSpring. FastSpring can still notify these customers by email when payments are due (depending on the settings in the subscription-based product's Pricing field), but these customers must log on to the secure account management site, click the Pay Now button for the subscription, and re-enter their payment account information prior to the due date in order to renew the subscription.

Example of the Subscriptions tab of the account management site with a manual renewal subscription pictured

Upon clicking Pay Now, customers will be taken to a secure payment entry page with all order details filled in for them. They will not be able to change the product or quantity in the cart, which will be populated automatically based on the subscription being renewed.

Example of the initial payment screen for a manual renewal

Upon selecting a payment method, the payment details Lightbox popup will not have fields for the customer's name, email address, company, etc. since those details are already known for the customer's account.  Entry fields will only be displayed for the payment details such as the credit card number and expiration date.

Example of the payment info window when renewing a manual subscription