Subscription Addons

Last modified October 3, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

Subscription Addons work in much the same way as normal Product Options, with two key differences:

  • They are designed to supplement a subscription, so there is no Alternative option.
  • When purchased, they will be billed as part of and on the same schedule as the primary subscription.

This feature allows you to suggest, directly in the Web Storefront, other non-subscription products, when a given subscription has been selected by the customer. Any addon selected by the customer will become part of the resulting subscription, potentially increasing the total amount of the initial purchase and subsequent billings. Each time the subscription is billed, all associated subscription addons that were selected at the time of the initial transaction will also be billed, in a single, aggregate charge.

For example, suppose a customer selects a subscription called Soar Monthly Subscription at a cost of $9.95 per month. This subscription is configured to offer a subscription addon configured called Vision Enhancer, which is normally a standalone product costing $4.95.

Example of a subscription with a subscription addon offered

If the customer selects the subscription addon, the billing information below the subscription title and the Subtotal on the right-hand side of the page will automatically be updated accordingly.  Rather than $9.95 per month, the customer will be billed $14.90 per month, as illustrated below (highlighting added for demonstration purposes):

Example of a subscription with a subscription addon selected

In the above example, if the customer were to complete the purchase, he or she would be subscribing to Soar Monthly Subscription and Vision Enhancer, and would be billed a single charge of $14.90 per month going forward.

Notes about subscription addons

  • Adding a subscription addon works just like adding a Product Option, except there is no Alternative option. If you need to offer an alternative to the specified subscription, use a Product Option instead.
  • When a subscription addon has been configured, a new field Add-on field will appear in the subscription's details, as illustrated here:

    Example of a subscription's detail page with an addon configured
    The addon offer can be edited by clicking the field.

  • Subscription addons can be added to or removed from an existing subscription instance via the POST /subscriptions endpoint of the FastSpring API.