Integrating LicenseSpring

Last modified October 3, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

LicenseSpring is an enterprise-class, cloud-based licensing platform for both Windows and Mac software publishers. LicenseSpring provides a license management solution with support for a variety of licensing models and seamless FastSpring integration.

Note:  LicenseSpring is a third-party solution, not provided or supported by FastSpring.

FastSpring Configuration

Instructions for getting started with integrating LicenseSpring into your FastSpring purchase flow can be found at

FastSpring Classic Commerce Note

If you have a Classic Commerce Store in your FastSpring account–i.e., if you log in via rather than—you can find information about integrating LicenseSpring with Classic Commerce here.

Contacting LicenseSpring Support

In case you need assistance with LicenseSpring, please contact LicenseSpring's support team here.