Last modified October 3, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

The Integrations menu provides interfaces you can use to configure integration between your FastSpring Store and external systems, including various trusted third-party partners and your own proprietary systems.

Integrations menu

Four tabs are included under the Integrations menu:

Tabs of the Integrations menu


The Extensions tab provides a catalog of options for integrating with third-party solutions, as well as enabling the Shipping Fee Calculator and optional Extended Download Service (EDS). For more information, please see our Knowledge Base article Extensions Tab.


The Webhooks tab provides access to configure and view recent activity for server and browser webhooks. For more information, please see our Knowledge Base articles Webhooks Tab and Webhooks.

API Credentials

Use of the optional FastSpring API requires that you provide credentials specific to your Store in your API requests. The required credentials must be generated via the CREATE command on the API Credentials tab.

Example of the CREATE command on the API Credentials tab

Upon creating the API credentials, the Username and Password will initially be displayed.

Example of newly-created API credentials with the password displayed

Be sure to store the Username and Password in a secure location. As an additional security measure, beginning after your next login, you will no longer be able to view the Password here nor anywhere else in the Dashboard.

On this tab, you can also reset the credentials; however, please bear in mind that resetting the credentials will break any existing API requests since the credentials you have coded into the method will no longer be valid.


Use caution when clicking the RESET CREDENTIALS command. Resetting the API credentials will immediately render the previous credentials invalid, and no further API requests will be successful using the previous credentials. If you have stored API requests on your site or on your back-end, you will need to update the credentials in all requests after resetting them.

Store Builder Library

On the Store Builder Library tab, you can obtain the Access Key for use when encrypting secure payloads via the Store Builder Library. This is also where you upload your public certificate / key.  For more information, please see our Knowledge Base article Passing Sensitive Data with Secure Requests.

Store Builder Library tab