Last modified October 5, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

The mailingListEntry.updated server webhook event is fired upon adding a new mailing list entry, e.g. for a customer who completed an order and selected the check box to "subscribe to news and updates".  Please see Cart Abandonment Tracking and Customer Mailing List Opt-In for more information.

About Webhook Expansion

mailingListEntry.updated is not affected by webhook expansion.

Contents of Event Payload

idstringID of the event
liststringlist for which the email address entry has been updated: subscribed, unsubscribed or abandoned
updatedintegerdate of the update, in milliseconds
reasonstringreason the list was updated: failed, subscribed, unsubscribed or abandoned
orderobjectdetails of the transaction associated with the update, if any
order.referencestringif the order was not completed at the time of the update, this will be null; otherwise, it is the customer-visible order reference for the transaction
order.idstringinternal ID of the order, if applicable
order.orderstringinternal ID of the order, if applicable
order.itemsarraylist of products that were in the cart at the moment the email address was entered; one object per product; this data can be useful in creating customized re-marketing email messages; see Products for more information on object contents
order.items.productstringproduct path / product ID
order.items.quantityintegerquantity of the current product that was selected
order.items.displaystringcustomer-facing Display name of the product
order.items.summarystringdescriptive text from the product's Summary field
order.items.imageURLstringURL of the product's Icon image file, hosted by FastSpring
emailstringemail address that was updated
firstNamestringfirst name associated with the customer's email address, if known
lastNamestringlast name associated with the customer's email address, if known


mailingListEntry.updated webhook example
        "display":"Furious Falcon",
        "summary":"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.",