Last modified October 5, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

The account.created server webhook event is fired when a customer account is created (e.g. when a customer whose email address does not match an existing account places a new order).  Customer Accounts and single sign-on provides detailed information regarding customer accounts.

About Webhook Expansion

account.created is not affected by webhook expansion.

Contents of Event Payload

idstringFastSpring-generated customer account ID
accountstringFastSpring-generated customer account ID
contactobjectcontains customer contact details
contact.firststringcustomer's first name
contact.laststringcustomer's last name
contact.emailstringcustomer's email address
contact.companystringcustomer's company name (may be null)
contact.phonestringcustomer's telephone number (may be null)
languagestringtwo-character ISO code for the customer's language
countrystringtwo-character ISO code for the customer's country
lookupobjectparameters used to look up the account (e.g. via the FastSpring API)
lookup.globalstringcustomer-visible account ID
lookup.customstringoptional custom account ID assigned by you (e.g. your internal ID for this customer)
lookup.urlstringdefault URL for the customer-facing account management page


account.created webhook example
    "custom" : "8675309"