Last modified December 22, 2016

Webhook events

Typically events are received by server webhooks, but API calls can also be used to retrieve events. Events are either processed or unprocessed, depending on whether your webhook endpoint has acknowledged handling of the event. To learn more about acknowledging events see Webhooks.

Get multiple events

Get processed/acknowledged events

GET /events/processed

Get unprocessed events

GET /events/unprocessed

Response structure is identical to the one of Webhooks.


  • ?days=5 - Events from last 5 days.
  • ?begin=unixtime&end=unixtime

Limited to 25 results returned. Results will contain a "more" attribute if there are more results beyond 25. To page to additional results the timestamp of the nearest event should be fed into begin / end (narrowing the timeframe).

Updating a single event

POST /events/{id}
Request Example