How to Submit a Support Ticket Request

Last modified October 22, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

When you cannot find an answer to your question in our knowledge base, or if you need additional information or assistance, FastSpring's dedicated Customer Support team is here to help you. There are several ways to contact Support, and in some cases, the best way to contact us depends on the type of help you need.

Directing Your Customers to FastSpring Support

If your customers need help from FastSpring with questions about previous successful or declined orders, questions about sales tax or VAT, or other transaction-related questions, please have them email  We have a dedicated group of agents who monitor messages coming in to that address, and specialize in helping consumers with their order-related support needs.

Contacting FastSpring Support Via the Support Tools

For help related to your account, stores, reporting, or technical issues, the best way to get support is to submit a ticket directly via our support tools, where you can also view your past tickets and see the history of comments, attached files, etc..  There are two ways you can do this:

If you're using a Contextual Commerce Store and logging on to Dashboard (

Check out our guided walk-through

If you are able to log on to Dashboard, you can click here for help creating a support ticket.

Click the question mark icon at the lower right-hand corner of almost any page, and then select Contact Support.

Example of the help menu at the bottom right-hand corner of each page in the Dashboard - OR -  The orange help icon...and then...  The help menu with the Contact Support link highlighted

The Support Tickets dialog will open with the New Request tab selected by default.  

Example of the New Request tab of the Support Tickets dialog

To submit a new ticket, enter a Subject and a Description for the ticket, as well as assigning a priority and optionally attaching any necessary files.  Then, just click CREATE at the bottom right-hand corner of the dialog.


You can also use the In Progress tab and the Closed tab to view previous support tickets for your login / email address.

If you're using a Classic Commerce Store and logging on to Springboard (

Please see for help submitting a support ticket via the Springboard.

E-mailing FastSpring Support

Another way to contact us for help related to your account, stores, reporting, or technical issues is to email  This may be ideal if, for some reason, you are unable to log on to the Dashboard.  Messages sent to go into the exact same support queue as tickets submitted via the support tool described above.  In some cases, we may not able to respond to email messages as quickly or efficiently as we would for tickets submitted via the support tools, but we strive to answer all tickets in the order in which they were originally received, regardless of how each ticket was originally created.