Ways To Checkout With FastSpring

Last modified April 23, 2019

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

FastSpring provides several flexible options for checkout, from a FastSpring hosted cart and checkout to a checkout solution that is fully integrated into your existing website.  The checkout method directly linked to the type of Storefront being used within your Store.  This section will help you to determine the checkout method or methods best suited for your organization.  Since each of the checkout options is based on the same data and information, you have the flexibility to use all available methods in parallel.  You may want to use the Web Storefront as your primary checkout method and a Popup Storefront for a special sale such as a holiday or seasonal clearance sale.  Or you may want to use a different type of Storefront / checkout method based on country or language.   

Storefront / Checkout Options include: 

Delivered Storefronts

Your FastSpring Store is delivered with both a Web Storefront and a Popup Storefront.  For additional details on all of the checkout methods please review Storefronts for more information.

Tutorial Video

Web Storefront

The Web Storefront allows you to outsource the cart and checkout functionality to FastSpring and have it displayed to your customer in a combined view.  When using the Web Storefront your customers are redirected to the FastSpring Store to view their cart and complete the checkout process. The Web Storefront can be configured to provide the view of your product catalog, the customer's cart, and payment options or it can be integrated into your website using the FastSpring APIs and only display the cart and payment options.  For example, if you were to integrate with your existing product catalog, you could continue to use your website to display your products and use FastSpring's Web Storefront to display the cart and provide payment options.  If you don't have a existing product website, FastSpring provides you with the ability to display your products and pricing using FastSpring technology.   

Default Storefront

All vendors are required to have a Web Storefront as their default Storefront. 

Popup Storefront

The Popup Storefront easily integrates into your existing website providing you with a checkout payment process through a "popup" window displayed directly on top of your webpage.  A Popup Storefront relies on your website to provide the product catalog and shopping cart, and once your customer is ready to pay for their purchase the popup from FastSpring is displayed.  Your customers are then able to enter their payment information and FastSpring handles the payment processing and fulfillment, if required. The Popup Storefront requires integration with the FastSpring APIs so that the checkout reflects the correct customer and payment due information for your customer's purchase. 

Next Step

Now that you have a good understanding of the available checkout and Storefront options, you need to select the method that you wish to use with your store.  Once the Storefront type has been selected, you can start to configure your Store and Storefronts to provide your customers with the best shopping experience for your products and services.