Before You Launch

Last modified February 6, 2019

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

If you are reading this, you are almost ready to go live with your FastSpring store.  Just a few more items to go through to make sure that your store is ready to go.   Note: This page assumes that you have tested all functionality using the test domains. 

Products and Pricing

  • Verify that all supported currencies are available to your Store through Store Settings - Localization.
  • Verify your prices have been input and are correct.  If you manually entered non-USD prices for products, verify that the VAT fee is included in the price.
  • Verify that you have set up at least one fulfillment action for each of your non-subscription products, as needed. Your Store will not be activated until each non-subscription product has appropriate fulfillment actions so that customers can access the product immediately upon completing a purchase.


  • Has your Store been activated? This may happen automatically once certain criteria have been met.
  • Has your Storefront been set to Online?  Verify this by going to Storefronts and when viewing the list of storefronts you should see the Online indicator in the upper right corner of the storefront. 
  • Have you whitelisted the domains and / or subdomains of all sites that will be accessing your Popup Storefront? 
  • Verify your support contact information for your Store via Settings -> Store Settings.
  • Verify the live homepage of your default store. 
  • Verify your Popup Storefront: 

    • Have you updated the Popup Storefront link to use your live domain?
    • Are all of the integrations working in the live domain?
  • Have you verified and updated as needed all of your email templates via Settings -> Customer Notifications?


  • Have you supplied FastSpring with your payment account information? (This is not strictly necessary before you can go live with your Storefront, but it will be required before FastSpring can issue payment to you for any live sales.) For information about providing FastSpring with your payment account details, please see Ways to Get Paid by FastSpring

Congratulations!  You are ready to go live with your FastSpring Store.