Activity: Events, Orders and Subscriptions

Last modified November 15, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

The Activity menu in the Dashboard lets you search for, view, and work with events, order records and customer subscriptions.

Activity menu
The Activity menu consists of three tabs:  Events, Orders and Subscriptions.  The Events tab is selected by default.

Each of the three tabs includes the Search Orders and Subscriptions the top of the page. 

This field works the same way regardless of which tab is selected; you can use it to search for orders and subscriptions.

Events Tab

The Events tab

The Events tab lists activity of all types.  Some examples of the types of activity included on this tab include new orders, refunds, new subscriptions, subscription billings, subscription cancellations, and changes to existing subscriptions.  Click any item to view its details.

Example of the Events tab

Orders Tab

The Orders tab

The Orders tab lists transaction activity and includes multiple pages, with a separate link to each one on the left-hand side of the tab.

Example of the Orders tab

At a glance, you can see several relevant data points about each transaction listed.

Explanation of the Orders fields

1Transaction Status, including Test tag if not a live order
2Age of transaction
3Display name of product ordered
4Customer name and email address
5Transaction amount
6Order reference (or reason if order not successful)

Pages of the Orders Tab

Page NameDescription
All OrdersThis is the default page, which lists all activity that meets the criteria defined in the Live and Test, product filter and date filter.
CompletedThis page only shows completed orders (not those that have failed or been canceled).
CanceledThis page includes only transactions that have been canceled (e.g. due to a declined credit card payment).
FailedThis page includes only orders that have failed for reasons other than declined payments.
With Returns
This page displays only orders that have returns associated.

Example of the With Returns page 
Custom Orders

This page shows Custom Orders you have created for specific customers. Examples of custom orders may include things like pre-loaded carts, coupons, price overrides and even custom order tags. You can provide the URLs for custom orders to customers so that they can enter payment information and complete the order processing with a minimum of effort required on their part.

Tutorial Video

Check out our tutorial video on how to make use of custom orders: How to Take Advantage of Custom Orders.
Awaiting PaymentThis page shows orders that are awaiting payment, such as orders that will be paid by customers using bank transfers and approved, unpaid purchase orders.
Pending ApprovalThis page will show orders that are pending your approval, such as purchase order transactions that you have not yet accepted or rejected.

Subscriptions Tab

The Subscriptions tab

The Subscriptions tab lists customer subscriptions, letting you directly access recent subscriptions to view details such as subscription status, billing dates, subscription event history, and more.

Example of the Subscriptions tab

In addition to the three filters that appear on every tab of the Activities menu, the Subscriptions tab has an additional event filter that works together with the Date Selector filter to let you control how the date filter is applied.

The extra filter on the Subscriptions tab

For example, if you click the drop-down next to Created (the default value) and change it to Canceled, then the list of subscriptions shown will contain only subscriptions that have been canceled during the time frame you have chosen in the Date Selector filter.  As another example, if you select Trial started in this filter, then only subscriptions whose free trial period started during the specified time frame will be displayed.

At a glance, you can see several relevant data points about each subscription listed.

Example of the Subscriptions tab

1Subscription status, including indicators for Test subscriptions and those in Free Trial status, plus indicators to show if a subscription is Canceled (yet still Active) or Canceled (and has reached its deactivation date)
2The date on which the subscription was created
3The name of the product to which the customer is subscribed
4The customer's name an email address
5The billing terms of the subscription - currency-specific amount to be billed each time, and how often billings occur
6The next billing date (or last day the subscription was active, for inactive subscriptions)

Pages of the Subscriptions tab

Page NameDescription
All SubscriptionsThis is the default page, which lists all subscriptions that meets the criteria defined in the Live and Test filter, product filter, and the event and date filters.
In TrialIn addition to applying the other filters, this page only shows subscriptions that are currently in a free trial status.
ActiveIn addition to applying the other filters, this page only shows subscriptions that are currently active. Canceled subscriptions that are not yet deactivated will be included, but deactivated subscriptions will not appear.
Upcoming renewals

In addition to applying the product filter, this page uses a special event filter together with a unique Date Selector to display only subscriptions that are scheduled to be renewed within the specified time frame.

Example of the unique Date Filter on the Upcoming renewals tab of the Subscriptions tab

OverdueIn addition to applying the other filters, this page only shows subscriptions that are currently in an overdue status due to a failed or declined billing.
CanceledIn addition to applying the other filters, this page only shows subscriptions that have been canceled (meaning no further billings will occur), whether active or inactive.
DeactivatedIn addition to applying the other filters, this page only shows subscriptions that have been deactivated (meaning they were deactivated immediately upon cancellation or they were canceled and their deactivation date was subsequently reached).
ChargesIn addition to applying the Live and test filter, product filter and the date filter, this page shows charges / transactions that are associated with subscriptions. The event filter is not available on this page since it shows actual transactions rather than subscriptions. The time frame chosen via the date filter applies to transaction dates (i.e. subscription charges that have occurred during the specified time frame).