Making Changes to Online Storefronts

Last modified October 2, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

When you want to modify a Live Storefront, it is best to be able to make the changes and test them without taking the Storefront offline and without customers seeing untested or incomplete changes. Therefore, we recommend that you follow this procedure:

  1. Select the Storefronts menu and then select the type of Storefront you want to modify (e.g. Web Storefronts or Popup Storefronts).
  2. In the list of Storefronts, click the MORE menu for the Storefront you want to modify, and then click Copy.

    The MORE menu for a Web Storefront 
  3. In the To New Storefront URL field, type a name for the temporary storefront where you will make your modifications.

    Example of the New Storefront URL field


    Do not click the drop-down selector in the To Existing Storefront field and select an existing Storefront unless you want to completely replace an existing Storefront. You will use this field to replace the original Storefront settings later in this procedure, once you have made and tested your changes.

  4. Click Finish. All the settings are copied to the new Storefront.
  5. Make the changes you want to the settings of the newly-created storefront.
  6. Test the modified storefront as needed, until you are satisfied with the changes.
  7. In the Storefront listing, click the MORE menu for the newly-modified Storefront (e.g. johntrumbletest/temp in the example above), and then click Copy.
  8. In the To Existing Storefront field, choose the Live storefront you originally copied as the destination for your modified settings. Keep in mind that you will be completely replacing all settings for the original Storefront with the modified settings of the temporary Storefront.
  9. Click Finish.

Your modified settings are now used by the Live Storefront, and you did not need to take the Live Storefront offline or risk having customers see untested changes.