Linking to Product Pages

Last modified October 3, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

Links from your websites, social media accounts and other marketing messages can direct customers to the Homepage of your Web Storefront, or directly to the Product Page for a specific product. A Product Page link automatically selects the specified product, bundle or subscription and adds it to the cart.

This article shows you how to quickly find links to Product Pages. For information about other types of links to your FastSpring account, please see Linking to Your Storefronts.

To find Product Page links for a specific product, bundle or subscription

  1. From the Dashboard, select the Products menu, and then select the Products, Bundles or Subscriptions sub-menu, depending on the item for which you want the Product Page link.
  2. Click the tile of the product, bundle or subscription for which you want to find the Product Page link.
  3. In the details page, click the LINKS command near the bottom of the item.

    Example of product details with the LINKS command highlighted

  4. The Links popup window will appear. The window contains two main rows:  Live and Test

    Links popup window

Notes about the Links popup window

  • The Storefront selector drop-down lets you choose which Web Storefront the link will go to, using each Storefront's Homepage URL.
  • If the selected product, bundle or subscription is marked , the selector will not be available in the Live row.
  • Only Storefronts that are online will appear in the Live row.
  • The Product Page portion of the URL is shown to the right of the selector, for the currently-selected product, bundle or subscription.
  • Click Open to open a new browser tab or window to the Product Page for the selected item, in Live or Test mode.