Last modified October 5, 2018

This article applies to Contextual Commerce. (Looking for Classic Commerce documentation?)

The fulfillment.failed server webhook event is fired if one or more fulfillment actions fail during order fulfillment (e.g. due to insufficient licenses remaining in a pre-generated list). Please see Fulfillments for more information about fulfillment actions.

About Webhook Expansion

fulfillment.failed is not affected by webhook expansion.

Contents of Event Payload

Name Type Description
product string product path of the product for which fulfillment failed
fulfillment string fulfillment action ID for the action that failed - see the Fulfillments section of the product detail page in Dashboard
type string type of the failed fulfillment: license, file
order string internal order ID of the order for which the fulfillment failed
reference string customer-facing order reference of the order for which the fulfillment failed
account string FastSpring-generated customer account ID associated with the order for which the fulfillment failed
subscription string subscription ID associated with the failed fulfillment, if applicable
reason string reason for the failed fulfillment


fulfillment.failed webhook example
   "reason":"Does not have available licenses: 3, LicenseDispenser[yoiEYeJ3RnSwTghMu_oDDQ,]"