Making Test Purchases

Last modified May 30, 2017

Test purchases allow you to see how the purchase procedure works on your storefront without charging to a credit card.

The test version of each storefront is always available, whether the storefront is in the Online or Offline status.

Tutorial Video

Check out our tutorial video on placing test orders here:   How to Place a Test Order.
You cannot make Test purchases when you access your storefront through the Online URL.

To make a test purchase:


FastSpring provides a set of card numbers and CVV codes to be used for making test purchases.  Different card numbers are provided so that you can test purchases that will "succeed" (though no charge will be made) and purchases that will "fail."  You can use any date in the future for the card expiration date and any values for other purchase data such as your name. 

Test Purchases

You must use the test card numbers and CVV codes provides by FastSpring to make test purchases. 

Test purchases generate customer notifications and provides you with the same experience that your customers will receive when making purchases through your online storefront.  Test purchases will not be included in reports about orders placed.